Friday, February 24, 2006

John Lewis to appear on WMFD regarding ports controversy

I just received this note from John Lewis:

I was interviewed today by WMFD Television, Mansfield, Ohio. The subject was the Port Operations issue.

It will be broadcast ON THE WEB, at later today, probably around 5:00 PM and after.

It was done in my office. As always, I have no idea how well I did. I wanted to make three points:

1. This is an issue because fanatics with government support want to kill us, with nuclear bombs. Remember this context.

2. We cannot protect our borders, and to try is the wrong approach. Let the UAE have the port operations contract; this is minor.

3. The issue is the center of the insurgency, Iran. The real story is the growing power of Iran. Until we take out Iran, there is no security. Just last week Iran pressured the UAE to stop broadcasting radio programs that use offensive words, such as "freedom." Every country in the area will be forced to cave to Iranian demands, if we do not stand up to them. The result will be a catastrophe on America.
UPDATE: Online video here, and here's the blurb that appeared on WMFD describing Lewis's position:

Ashland Professor Examines U.S. Port Issue

Nationwide, Americans are worrying that the United Arab Emirates' (UAE) takeover of six major U.S. ports is opening the door to another terrorist attack. The Bush Administration now appears to be slowing down the process after overwhelming criticism. While many are focusing on the port issue in and of itself, Dr. John Lewis, Assistant History Professor at Ashland University, says America must not look at this issue apart from everything else going on in the world. He says our greatest concern should be the rising power of the Iranian Islamic state. He says Iran continues to gain more power, is a solid enemy and that problem needs to be ended if we are really going to be safe in America.
Sounds right to me--bravo, Dr. Lewis.

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