Friday, February 17, 2006

It's official--we're evil!

Imagine my pride when scanning the website server logs, I found that CAC has been listed at the "Portal of Evil," a leftist website seemingly run by the kind of people who set fire to McDonalds because Big Mac's oppress the proletariat. They didn’t like our review of Craig Biddle’s “Loving Life” (so I wager his Objective Standard Google ad that shows up in their site will leave them foaming at the bit) and they didn’t like some other stuff so boring I can’t even make myself recall what they said.

I did rate my own mention from an anonymous classmate at George Mason who didn't like the fact that I'm not as handsome as him and that I mentioned my ex-wife the opera singer in--get this--a class that looked at opera and politics. The goofball was also upset that I wrote a column in the campus paper and set up a table to sell Atlas Shrugged (He didn’t mention the Rachel Corrie posters though). Hey, what can I say? I’M EVIL!!! Muuuuhahahaha!!!

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