Thursday, February 23, 2006

Carnival of the Objectivists!

You know what Objectivist bloggers need: a blog carnival of their own. I propose the Rule of Reason host the first "Carnival of the Objectivists" Saturday, March 4th. After that, we can pass on the hosting to other Objectivist blogs, say once every two weeks or so.

Drop a line in the comments box if you want to include your blog or website and be a future host. Let's have some fun this--it's carnival-time!

Update: So here's the plan: participants (you) should let the host know (me) what's hot on your respective blogs. As host, I’ll put it all together in one article, add a festive atmosphere and publish it all on the 4th.

The only caveat: This carnival will be an Objectivist carnival, and Objectivishes are not allowed.

And if you want to sign up to host the next Objectivist carnival (every two weeks should be enough to encourage good content on the smaller blogs), let me know, and I'll administer that process as well (well, I’ll just put your blog on the list). Think the competition to be the host city for the Olympics, only with the bribery being heartily encouraged. :-P

That’s it. Let’s have some fun!

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