Friday, January 20, 2006

The Objective Standard

I just received word that the The Objective Standard, a new quarterly journal edited and published by Craig Biddle has taken its website live and is now accepting subscriptions. I’ve been greatly impressed with Biddle’s work in the past, primarily his 2002 book Loving Life. Reviewing Biddle’s work for our bookstore, I wrote:

The material abundance and individual freedom that is the hallmark of capitalism rests on upon the ethics of self-interest, but today perhaps no code of morality is more misunderstood and maligned. In a profound yet easily accessible text, Craig Biddle demolishes the conventional wisdom that holds sacrifice as a moral ideal and offers a compelling alternative.

Through examples drawn from today's headlines, historical analysis and the examination of leading intellectual thinkers, Loving Life clearly demonstrates that morality is a matter not of divine revelation or social convention or personal opinion—but, rather, of the factual requirements of human life and happiness. Biddle shows how a true morality is derived logically from observable facts, what in essence such a morality demands, and why it is a matter of pure self-interest.

Loving Life exposes the baseless nature of the various moralities that call for human sacrifice and lead to human suffering and shows how a true morality is derived and implies—personally, socially, and politically. With clarity and elegance, Biddle demonstrates the principles, values, and virtues that are essential to human life and happiness; and he defines and defends the social and political conditions that are required for people to live together as civilized beings.
Needless to say, I’m excited about Biddle’s new project and I look forward to reading it. Given the quality and thoughtfulness of his previous work, The Objective Standard looks to be a welcome addition to the increasing world of serious Objectivist scholarship and commentary.

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