Saturday, February 05, 2005

Microsoft's Moral Sanction

This from AFX:

Bill Gates, chairman of US software giant Microsoft Corp (NASDAQ: MSFT - news) , said he is 'very responsive' to the European Commission's demands concerning the implementation of the EU's antitrust ruling against the company.
Gates was speaking to reporters after attending a session of the European Parliament. He said: 'Anything they (the commission) want us to do better, I will listen very carefully and make sure we are very responsive.'

The company is under fire for failure to implement sanctions imposed by the EU in March 2004 in a satisfactory way. The company, ruled to be abusing its dominance in the market, was ordered to disclose business secrets and sell its windows operating system and media player separately.
"Very Responsive?" How about saying that the European Commission's antitrust demands were a mountain of bull and that neither Gates nor Microsoft would lend them any credence by even attempting to comply with them.

If Microsoft is going to be looted, it should at least have the moral fiber not to pretend that the looting is legitimate.

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