Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The War: Memo to Ayman Zawahiri

Ed Cline is carrying a message to Zawahiri:

Dear Mr. Zawahiri:

This is a memorandum that should have been served by our President and State Department ten years ago on you, your master, Osama bin Laden, your whole killer organization, and your criminal colleagues in Iran and wherever else the servants of your ghastly ideas murder, torture, imprison and enslave men and women.

This is to inform you that you are wanted, dead or alive, but that we are otherwise not interested in you, your creed, or its political manifestation of global hegemony. Not in your primitive, degrading, barbarous religion. Neither in submitting to it, ever, nor even “tolerating” its rights-violating practice in our country.

This is to remind you that your “jihad” against our country and against any of our soldiers and citizens abroad is no better than a “contract” put out by a criminal gang on someone who refuses to submit to extortion. The viciousness of a Mafia conspiracy, however, pales in comparison to the magnitude of your evil actions and designs. Our measure of man is the degree to which he subscribes to reason and how well he exploits the breadth of his freedom. Your measure of man is the degree to which he quavers before a ghost, and how well he unthinkingly submits to your creed’s “commandments” and lives his life in the barbed wire corral of anti-life Mohammedan ethics.

Obviously, there is no compromise possible between those positions. Nor is one possible between living happily in our country and also being a “moderate,” non-violent Muslim in it. If a “moderate” devoted any thought to the matter, he would either need to sabotage his mind to evade his creed’s fundamental killer premise, or repudiate and abandon that creed. But thought and moral honesty are not what your creed encourages or tolerates.

Several days ago, you sent us another message. In it you presumed to deliver a moral injunction. It reveals that you have forgotten one important fact: You declared war on us, though you speak as though we were the invader. But, it was your mindless minions who drove planeloads of civilized people into our World Trade Center, our Pentagon, our Pennsylvania field. Who have murdered hundreds of people since then, and who wish to erase Israel from the map and initiate a second Holocaust. We have not forgotten, nor have we forgiven.

We have responded in kind. You invaded. We retaliated. We have embarked on a crusade to give you the opportunity to die for your cause -- either by our weapons, or by your own hand in an Afghan cave in emulation of Hitler in his Berlin bunker. If anyone can be characterized as “Satan,” it is you and your master. Like your colleague in malice, the late Yassir Arafat, you and your master are caricatures of irredeemable evil.

In your latest message to us, you state that “we will continue fighting you until the last hour.” So be it. When, in that last hour, you and your master are blasted to atoms, we will be rid of you, and we will have many more hours to live as you do not want us to live -- happy, productive, prosperous, and free.

In that same message, you offer “one last advice” on how to deal with you and your primitive culture: “You must choose between two methods in dealing with Muslims. Cooperate with them based on mutual respect and interests, or deal with them as if they are spoils of war. This is your problem, and you must choose.”

You must believe that we have short memories, or that we know nothing of your creed and political ambition. We know that your creed does not respect Western values -- the values expressed in our Declaration of Independence -- and that you declared war on us in a campaign to deny them in men’s lives.

There are fools in this country who wish to replace our Declaration and Constitution with Sharia law. Does not your Koran exhort believers to murder or enslave non-believers? You cannot have it both ways. You know that. You are hoping that we do not know it, and that we concede that “cooperation” is the best way to ameliorate conflict and avoid bloodshed. But, since you and your ilk have repeatedly proclaimed your goal of destroying us, our “cooperation” with you or with any of your “faithful” would simply guarantee more conflict and bloodshed, and our eventual demise. In such a conflict, “mutual respect” is an oxymoron. We are not buying it.

We have no “mutual interests.” We wish to live on earth. You wish us to exist in a miasma of self-immolation, or die by your swords, guns or bombs. You and your spokesmen have made that eminently clear. The onus of moral choice is on you. You made that choice, and it has condemned you.

You are right. It is our problem. We have chosen. And our solution to it is to exterminate you, your master, and whoever else dares to declare war on us. Neither you nor the numberless obedient manqués who submit to Islam would be “spoils of war.” You are not a value to free men; you offer nothing but negation.

So, please, spare us further messages and your unsolicited advice. We, the people of the United States of America, are not interested.

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