Thursday, October 07, 2004

The Culture: The Faith of John Kerry

Conventional wisdom says President George W. Bush is animated by faith and John Kerry is not. Not so says the New York Times, which reports that Kerry says "me too" when it comes to faith in the divine.

In the interview, Mr. Kerry countered by doing something rare for him - appealing to the left-leaning Catholic tradition of helping the poor and criticizing the war.

"If you look at Catholic teaching," he said, mentioning his days in church school, "it teaches about the environment, our responsibilities to the next generation. It teaches about poverty, our responsibility to the poor. It teaches about fairness. It teaches about peace and brotherhood and a whole series of things which I think this administration is failing on."
The article goes on to chronicle Kerry's claim that "Faith is central to [his] life."

I believe it.

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