Wednesday, March 31, 2004

The War: Corrie Chose to Sacrifice Her Life

The George Mason University campus has a significant Islamic population and last week many of them were attempting to make a martyr out of Rachel Corrie, the American killed a year ago in Gaza as she protested an Israeli military operation. My letter to the editor condemning an article enshrining Corrie was printed in yesterday's campus paper, the GMU Broadside. The Broadside has a circulation of 16,000. Here is the text:

"Corrie Chose to Sacrifice Her Life"

According to Toka Nusairat in her March 22 letter “Corrie Engraved in Hearts,” American activist Rachel Corrie was a martyr for justice. Corrie was killed a year ago when she attempted to stop an Israeli bulldozer as it cleared tunnels that Palestinian terrorists use to smuggle weapons and explosives into Gaza from Egypt.

Nusairat would do well to recognize that Corrie chose to sacrifice her life to one of the most vicious and cynical causes on earth today, the creation of a Palestinian dictatorship dedicated to the subjugation of its own people and the destruction of Israel. It is no mere coincidence that the Palestinians use suicide as a tactic against the Israelis. While solders fighting in defense of freedom fight to live, the Palestinian suicide bombers would rather kill Jews than live themselves.

The cult of militant Islam that the Palestinians rely upon for their moral justification is no different from other suicide cults, such as the emperor-deifying Shinto religion that inspired the kamikazes of World War II. And just as America had the right to defeat the kamikazes, Israelis who value this life are right to defend themselves against Palestinians who would murder for the next, even when an ignorant American "peace activist" would attempt to stand in their way.

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