Tuesday, January 13, 2004

The War: Actions Have Consequences

Nick links below to DC Indymedia's (poorly) altered image of Time's cover featuring American soldiers as the "Person of the Year." Indymedia paints a swastika on one of the soldiers. It's a disgusting image, and there should be rational consequences. A commenter at VodkaPundit offers this suggestion:
When I saw this, I actually made an audible gasp that sounded so insincere Soap Opera actors could make it sound more credible. I have to say that I am shocked and angry. This is a complete outrage! As an American I respect people's freedom of speech and expression, but an out and out slight against servicemen goes too far. I think that the soldiers on the cover of time magazine ought to have the right to sue the "artist" who rendered this picture.
I think this is an idea worth pursuing. The First Amendment only prevents the government from imposing prior restraint on speech; it says nothing about judicial punishment for those who abuse the right. The soldiers on the Time cover should be permitted to file defamation or other appropriate tort action against IndyMedia and those persons responsible for altering the image.

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