Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Politics: Sacking Tom Brady

I will post a lengthy analysis of the State of the Union on Wednesday afternoon. I'm going off the written copy published by the White House, since I make a habit of not watching these speeches on television. But several people who watched the broadcast mentioned the camera cut to New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, sitting in the first lady's box, when the president called on professional sports leagues to "get tough" on steroid use. If I'm Patriots owner Bob Kraft or NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue, I'm on the phone right now screaming at the top of my lungs at the White House communications office. This was a total setup. They invited Brady to attend the speech, and they knew that the minute steroids were mentioned the camera would find their honored guest. Of course Brady has never done anything to cause anyone to doubt his physicial and personal integrity, but that matters little when the White House needs to score cheap political points by "getting tough" with those evil professional sports leagues. I never realized the axis of evil included the New England Patriots. (Well, it does if you live in Oakland, but that's another story...)

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