Wednesday, January 14, 2004

The Culture: Memorial to a Marriage

A good friend of the Center, art historian Lee Sanstead is an expert in romantic realism. Sanstead travels far and wide to capture romanticism in perhaps the only place where its reign is unquestioned: America’s cemeteries. He recently photographed the sculpture of artist Patricia Cronin. The artist is 40-years-old, and this sculpture, featuring her and her lover is to be her tombstone. [More photos here]

I expect that as knowledge of this work spreads, it will be damned by the opponents of gay equality from pulpit to statehouse—damned as un-Christian, indecent and wicked. After all, it is expressions such as Cronin’s that supposedly degrade the institution of marriage. By this standard, a sculpture of a homosexual, alone and unloved, is all that any gay really deserves.

I say this: it will be a welcome day when all one sees in a work such as Cronin’s is the artist’s sublime appreciation for love.

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