Tuesday, January 27, 2004

The Culture: Essentials and Nonessentials

I've seen the Dean scream from last week's Iowa caucus. I don't get how it reveals Howard Dean to be unbalanced.

There are a multitude of reasons to oppose the Dean candidacy. Dean's strident opposition to the war in Iraq, his desire to raise the taxes of the productive, his willingness to expand the size of government far beyond even the recklessness of the worst Republican, all disqualify him for the presidency. The Dean scream does not. All the man did was deliver an impassioned speech to rally disheartened supporters after a disappointing defeat.

Yes, there was a certain pro-wrestling flair to the speech. But the scream alone is not a disqualification for anything, except perhaps the job of librarian.

I want to see Dean defeated for the right reasons. To see him defeated because of a triviality, when he represents a host of vicious views, in my mind, is what is really unglued about this campaign cycle.

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