Wednesday, December 31, 2003

The War: What's wrong with this picture?

Here's a New Year's Resolution: Rather then witness the image of the Statue of Liberty under the barrel of a machine gun, we ought to endeavor to give the capitals of Iran, Syria, North Korea, and Saudi Arabia the benefit of such a sight.

This picture concretizes the failure of the Bush Administration's policy of "homeland defense" in no uncertain terms. Rather than pacify the governments that make terrorism against the US possible, rather then pacify their skies, the Bush Administration is pacifying our skies.

Yet can such a strategy hope to work? For example, could a policy of securing American borders and searching every container ship as it enters American harbors stop an attempt to smuggle a nuclear bomb into America better then destroying the facilities capable of producing such a bomb? I doubt it.

If there are enemies who aim to attack us, every effort ought to be placed on destroying them before they can even think about approaching our borders. I wonder though, even after the horror of 9/11, if the US has the stomach to truly fight all its enemies.

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