Thursday, December 04, 2003

The War: They Get It, So Why Don't We?

Andrew Sullivan found this interview with Syed Munawar Hasan, the leader of Pakistan's largest Islamist political party in Asia Times Online:

ATO: "You reckon that there are so many contradictions between the West and the Muslim world, is there any chance of reconciliation and dialogue between the two civilizations?"

Munawar: "There is none. The basic concepts of both civilizations are in total contrast with each other. When I say this I do not address Western civilization as Christianity. I speak of a man-made system completely devoid of divine guidance. Our concepts of God, human beings, the universe, are totally in contrast with the concepts of the Western world. We cannot segregate human lives into private and public, our lives are ruled by divine guidance, not by man-made rules based on his own prejudices and specific mindset characterized by its own dilemmas and shortcomings. Our concept of the universe is not materialistic, and the result of an 'accident'. Instead, it was a very well thought out process envisaged by the creator of the universe with a plan. So these basic concepts have made the difference between ours and Western approaches."
Objectivists have long been arguing that the battle between the West and the Islamic world is drawn upon secular and theocratic lines even before 9/11. Yet we still have this fiction of Islam as a "religion of peace" and a foreign policy guided by it.

The Islamic militants see the real battle lines. It's about time we did as well.

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