Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Rights and Reason: Consumers First

I came across an amusing press release today:

ORINDA, Calif., Nov. 19 -- California consumers are big winners in the $1.1 billion settlement of the antitrust suit against Microsoft, according to Consumers First, a California-based consumer-rights organization. The group, which works to educate the public, media and government officials about important changes in the marketplace, applauds this unprecedented settlement, which has resulted in more than 14 million California consumers and businesses being eligible to collect cash refunds.

"I encourage consumers to take full advantage of the settlement by filing a claim in a timely manner," said Jim Conran, president, Consumers First. "Consumers should also share the information with their family, friends, local schools and businesses because everyone can benefit from this settlement."

[. . .] "This settlement provides real benefits to consumers," said Conran. "The vouchers average out to a 22 percent discount on what the purchaser originally paid."
Consumers "first"? If consumers are truly first, one wonders how anything would ever be made anywhere. Doesn't a producer, by definition, have to come first?

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