Thursday, October 02, 2003

Sports: Mount Limbuagh Erupts

A commenter below asked for my view of the Rush Limbaugh-Donovan McNabb controversy. Nick and I had a dialogue late last night on this issue, and I was prepared to offer lengthy commentary on the story. Then I changed my mind. When I stopped to think about it critically, I realized this story isn't worth much genuine commentary. Limbaugh's charge against McNabb--or as Limbaugh puts it, his charge against the media--was accompanied by no particular context or evidence. Accordingly, I'm treating Limbaugh's entire statement as a frivolous charge unworthy of rebuttal.

I will add, however, that I find it pathetic that a man with the success and influence of Limbaugh chose to launch a cheap, unprovoked attack on the sports media over McNabb. There is plenty of uncovered examples of genuine media bias that need to be addressed. Here at CAC, we make every effort to shine the light on government policies and media biases that are ignored by the media and the larger culture. I would be insane to waste my time inventing biases to attack. If Limbaugh can't sustain his act without doing so, then perhaps he's outlived his usefulness.

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