Thursday, September 25, 2003

The War: More Weapons-Grade Uranium Found in Iran

This report by George Jahn of the AP:

U.N. atomic experts have found traces of weapons-grade uranium at a second site in Iran, diplomats said Thursday. The development heightened international concerns about the nature of Tehran's nuclear activities.

The diplomats said minute quantities of the substance were found by the International Atomic Energy Agency at the Kalay-e Electric Co., just west of Tehran. They did not specify where at the site the uranium was found.

Earlier this year, U.N. inspectors found weapons-grade highly enriched uranium particles at a plant in Natanz that is supposed to produce only a lower grade for energy purposes.

Iran's Atomic Energy Organization said it had been informed of the new discovery and was evaluating the report.

Iran says traces of the new material were imported on equipment purchased from abroad, while the United States and its allies say it is further of evidence of a nuclear weapons program.

"These are part of a long-standing pattern of evasions and deception to disguise the true nature and purpose of Iran's nuclear activities," said Scott McClellan, spokesman for President Bush.

The U.N. agency has set an Oct. 31 deadline for Iran to prove that its nuclear program is for energy purposes, as it claims, and not for weapons.
Or what? If Iran’s raving jihadists are allowed to develop nuclear weapons, its going to be all but impossible to contain them. The UN is hardly the institution able to face down Iran's nuclear menace.

This is why President Bush's speech before the UN this week was a failure. Rather then prattle on about the slave trade, which presents no security threat to the US, Bush should have focused solely on nuclear preemption, if even address the UN at all.

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