Thursday, September 11, 2003

Rights and Reason: Protester Suicide Mars Cancun Trade Talks

This news report by Alistair Bell and Kieran Murray of Reuters shows the latest insanity offered by the anti-capitalist zealots:

A South Korean protester killed himself during a clash with riot police protecting ministers meeting on Wednesday in the Mexican resort of Cancun to jump-start stalled world trade talks.

The middle-aged farmer, named by friends as Lee Kyung-hae, climbed onto a high security fence during a violent protest against the World Trade Organization and waved a banner that read "WTO Kills Farmers."

He then stabbed himself in the chest and later died in hospital. A friend said his suicide was an "act of sacrifice" to show his disgust at the WTO and its policies.

About 5,000 activists joined the protest and about two dozen broke through eight-foot-high metal barriers to attack police on the edge of Cancun's upscale hotel zone.

"We are going in. We are going in," a South African trade unionist screamed through a loudspeaker, urging protesters to storm a long strip of beach hotels and fast food restaurants.

Demonstrators threw chunks of paving stones, sticks, metal bars and bottles at police, who fought back with batons and tear gas. More than a dozen people were inured as police held off the protesters.
The WTO kills farmers? The WTO is a series of negotiated agreements designed to open trade between nations. Suicidal farmers kill themselves.

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