Sunday, September 07, 2003

Rights and Reason: Monsanto's French GM Maize Crop Attacked

This from Reuters:

An experimental genetically modified (GM) maize crop in southern France, owned by U.S. seeds giant Monsanto, has been attacked and destroyed, police said on Saturday.

Police did not say who was behind the attack on the approximately half hectare field, isolated in a forest in Magnesq, but added that it had occurred a few hours after an anti-GM demonstration on Friday.

Another of Monsanto's GM fields, also in the southwest of France near Toulouse, was destroyed in July.

While GM crops are common in the United States, France and other European countries are dubious about using the new genetic technology in agriculture. France grows experimental GM crops on around 100 sites, all approved by the farm ministry.

Supporters say the crops could lead to the development of hardier strains to help feed the world's poor. Opponents say they could trigger an uncontrolled spread of modified genes, harming the environment and people's health.
Supporters of the crops also say the opponents claims are utterly without merit. Yet here we have the spectacle of environmentalists committing thousands of dollars of damage in the name of their specious philosophy.

Greens out-fundraise pro-technology advocates by several orders of magnitude, enjoy popular sympathy, and have people to lobby every level of government. This criminal act is but the tip of the iceberg. I expect things to get much worse.

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