Thursday, September 25, 2003

Rights and Reason: Maybe if They Gave the Profits to the Football Players...

In the wake of the University of Michigan affirmative action case, conservative activists have been staging race-preference "bake sales" on campuses, charging different prices based on the customer's parentage. It's a cute joke, even if it lacks subtlety. Southern Methodist University, a private college in Texas, shut down one such bake sale on their campus due to, cough, "safety concerns". For those of us who follow college sports, SMU is known for being the first (and I believe only) NCAA Division I school to receive the "death penalty" for corruption in their athletic department. SMU's football program was shut down completely for a year and the school has never fully recovered. This really has no direct correlation to the bake sale incident, but I find it funny SMU would react quickly to it while sitting on their hands for years while its football players received illegal payoffs.

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