Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Rights and Reason: Masters of the blatantly obvious

In an unsigned op-ed that says that even if Yasser Arafat lives, the “idea of him” must die, the Wall Street Journal observed that even the Nobel Foundation website (Arafat was awarded the Nobel peace prize in 1994) says that Arafat is a dictator.

This agreement included provision for the Palestinian elections which took place in early 1996, and Arafat was elected President of the Palestine Authority. Like other Arab regimes in the area, however, Arafat's governing style tended to be more dictatorial than democratic. When the right-wing government of Benjamin Netanyahu came to power in Israel in 1996, the peace process slowed down considerably. Much depends upon the nature of the new Israeli government, which will result from the elections to be held in 1999.
So according to even the Nobel Foundation, Arafat is more dictator than democrat, but it was right-winger Benjamin Netanyahu that slowed down the peace process. No mention of Arafat’s broken promises and connection to terrorism prompting Israel’s right-wing reaction.

I agree with the WSJ. The idea of Yasser Arafat must die.

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