Monday, September 08, 2003

Rights and Reason: The Green Disease

Steven Reinberg of HealthDayNews reports on the toll of West Nile virus:

The West Nile virus surged again across the western half of the United States last week, doubling its death toll and almost doubling the number of people infected by the mosquito-borne virus.

According to the latest U.S. government statistics reported Thursday, there have now been 43 deaths and 2,267 human infections in 35 states this year. Exactly a week ago, those tolls stood at 21 deaths and 1,442 cases of infection, which was double the numbers from the previous week.

Colorado remains the hardest-hit state, with 940 cases and 11 deaths, according to the latest figures on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Web site.

Nebraska now has 326 cases and has had eight fatalities. South Dakota has the third-highest number of cases, 250, but only three deaths. Texas and Wyoming round out the Top 5 list, with 164 cases each.
Bin Laden killed 2700 on 9/11. How many people have died as a result of environmentalist policies, and just how many will have to die before the DDT ban is lifted?

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