Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Rights and Reason: Facing North Korea

I have written an op-ed on the North Korean crisis at Initium. It is in response to some criticism CAC has received for some of John Bragg's postings on the topic.

John's position was that negotiations and bribes with North Korea made sense if they led to even a reduction in North Korea's weapons capabilities. While North Korea has not been much of a focus for me, and without much thought, I agreed with John that talks that led to a reduction or postponement of the North Korean threat were a step in the right direction.

But after examining the past history of US-North Korean negotiations with my own eye, I have come to the position that it was the very act of our negotiating with North Korea that gave them the advantage they needed to consolidate their weapons program and their grip on power. So I now say this: North Korea can not be negotiated with by its very nature, period.

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