Monday, September 22, 2003

Rights and Reason: The Club for Neanderthals

Andrew Sullivan blogs on some alleged Republican bigotry:

The Club for Growth is a fiscally conservative organization with links to all sorts of Republicans. Its president, Stephen Moore, is not a homophobe, by all accounts. But like many tolerant conservatives, he has to work and cooperate with people who cannot abide homosexuals and will not tolerate them in any positions of authority. So he fires a gay man in charge of a state chapter, after complaints from "pro-family" (i.e. anti-gay) groups and leaders. This isn't a huge story in and of itself. But I think it does show how hard it is for any openly gay person to work or cooperate with much of the Republican apparatus. If you're closeted, you can rise to the very, very top. If you're honest and principled, you're finished. These people insist they're not prejudiced. They just support people who are.
If this story is true, it's a shame, but we shouldn't be surprised. The "fiscally conservative" movement has never been a sufficient alternative to the bible-beaters. One ought to say, as a first principle and as a means of identifying themselves, that they are for reason and individual rights. After all, the first question in forming a moral and just society is not how much money the government should spend.

I wonder when Andrew Sullivan is going to figure that one out.

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