Sunday, September 28, 2003

Politics: Objectivism in Action

I bitch when Objectivists sit on their fat hides and don't do anything, so it's only fair I praise the ones that do. D. Logan Darrow Clements is an Objectivist running for governor on the California recall ballot. He seems to have the rhetoric down nicely:
Ayn Rand knew that big government ruins all it touches while freedom leads to incredible prosperity. I know, as did she, that the economy will roar to life if we liberate it from excessive taxation and abusive regulation. See the work of freedom in grocery stores filled with food, hospitals filled with lifesaving technology, and a computer industry filled with innovation. See the work of big government in power blackouts, failing schools and traffic jams. The more important the task, the more reason it should be handled by resourceful companies motivated by profit, not bumbling politicians motivated by power.
His website constantly refers to Atlas Shrugged as "America's 2nd most influential book". I believe it came in behind Dr. Phil's new weight loss book.

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