Monday, September 01, 2003

Capitalism and the Law: Junk e-mail

I took a few days off to head to the ocean and recharge the batteries. Like most of us, I came back to check the inevitable mountain of e-mails. In less than one week, I received over 1,500 junk e-mail messages.

1,500. That's incredible. And frankly, there ought to be a law. I should be able to indicate via my e-mail sever whether I want unsolicited e-mail, and if I don't, those that spam me should pay.

I don’t buy that it is too hard to defeat spammers. Spammers have no moral right to my time, or my computer. If not, e-mail is dead as a medium.

It is said that dealing with spam costs in the billions. Those that generate that unwanted spam should be made to foot the bill.

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