Thursday, August 21, 2003

Rights and Reason: The Northeast blackout

Jim Woods is the winner of the "find a parallel between the blackout and The Fountainhead contest" with his entry below.

The recent blackout is a concrete consequence of the elevation a secondhander’s values to governance.

In the electric utility industry, the producer is not free from coercive restraint to produce and trade value for value with his customers. Instead through government intervention, the productive capacity is checked by the requirement to consider the feelings and opinions of anyone and everyone regardless of the protection of individual rights. Thus the rational is subordinated to any arbitrary claim seeking to impose its voice upon the product of another.

Based upon demand for electricity, an electrical utility could plan to expand generating capacity, expand its distribution network, acquire the market of weaker utilities, or implement revolutionary new technology. But first, we must have public hearings, environmental impact studies, the consideration of arbitrary health concerns that lack scientific evidence, and baseless lawsuits appealing to the authority of non-objective law. Instead of profitable investment, capital is squandered on satisfying the whims of the non-productive.

Consequently, productive ability is thwarted while mediocrity reigns. And when the lights go out, the secondhander’s do not accept responsibility, while inflicting upon the productive the double burden of the blame and the shame of begging their inferiors for permission to produce.
Well, there you have it folks.

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