Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Humor: Bride in Conn. Rages at Reception, Jailed

OK, this has nothing to do with capitalism, but . . . the AP reports:

A North Haven bride spent part of her wedding night in a jail cell, after police said she hurled things at reception hall workers who closed the bar.

Adrienne T. Samen, 18, was arrested on criminal mischief and breach of peace charges Saturday after police responded to The Mill on the River restaurant.

When workers there closed the bar, Samen allegedly began throwing things, including wedding cake and vases. Samen left the restaurant, and police found her walking down the road in her gown.

While being taken into custody, police said she kicked the door and window of the police cruiser and tried to bite an officer.
It's her mug shot that has me in tears. See here.

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