Saturday, July 26, 2003

Sports: Strange but True

Today's proof that Americans aren't as obsessed with politics as the media assumes:
When it gets this close to the trading deadline almost everyone is caught up in the frenzy and becomes obsessed with who is getting whom. Even flight attendants can catch the trading bug.

On the Mets flight from Philadelphia to Montreal Tuesday night -- just hours after the Pirates had traded Kenny Lofton, Aramis Ramirez and Scott Sauerbeck -- there was an excited ruckus in the rear of the Mets charter.

One of the flight attendants came down and asked why they were so happy.

"We got Qusay and Uday," Al Leiter exclaimed.

"I'm sorry," the flight attendant responded, "I don't know baseball. Are they any good?"

The players broke up in laughter.

"It was hysterical," Mike Piazza said. "It spread through the plane in a nano-second."
Given the current state of the Mets, two dead ex-tyrants would actually improve the state of New York's bullpen. Heck, if either Qusay or Uday can pitch middle-relief left-handed, they'd be on a Major League roster already.

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