Saturday, July 19, 2003

Rights & Reason: Discontent Americans Consider Canada

David Crary of the AP has an article about Americans who move to Canada because they embrace Canada's more socialistic values. The key line for me came here:

At Georgia State, Hodges said some conservative schoolmates have challenged his proposed move to Canada, saying he would be abandoning his homeland.
Abandoning his homeland. That's the conservative's argument for America--do it for your country. Don't sacrifice yourself for foreign socialism--sacrifice yourself for the homeland. Right there is all the proof in the world that the conservatives have nothing to offer. They can neither respect Canada's virtues (such as recognizing homosexual relationships under the law) or defend against its vices (such as massive government intervention in the economy). All they have to offer is nationalism.

I do not fight for my homeland. I fight for my freedom. I know why we as a people ought to be free and I am not going to concede one inch of ground in the battle to advance and defend my rights. Yet when I hear the hollow arguments that pass for the defense of America these days, I truly wonder what my chances are.

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