Thursday, July 03, 2003

Foreign Policy: Bush Says to Jihadists: Bring It On

Bring it on. The US Occupation Forces in Iraq, your one-stop shopping center for all your martyrdom needs. You want martyrdom, we've got it retail, we've got it wholesale. We've got so much martyrdom we're giving it away.

If you have an AK-47, if you have a beard, and if you can ululate, we've got a martyrdom opportunity for you, Johnny Jihad.

To anyone offended by Bush's tone, or by the idea that he's encouraging attacks on US troops: Would you rather they attacked armed, armored American soldiers in Iraq or would you rather they attacked American civilians in America.

Remember PJ O'Rourke's definition of American foreign policy--the vague feeling by Americans that whatever the government is going to do is probably best done in some other country.

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