Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Foreign Policy: America Versus Americans

Andrew Sullivan makes the following observation:

The more I read emails or talk to anti-war types, I get a sense that 9/11 never really happened. Or if it happened, it meant nothing more than a discrete crime with discrete criminals who alone deserved justice. The notion that it meant that we were and are actually at war with a series of terrorist entities and the tyrannies that support them never truly took hold on the far left (or right). As the months have passed, their complacency and denial have undoubtedly metastasized among others as 9/11 recedes from our collective consciousness and its emotional wound begins to heal. These people, it's worth remembering, believe that the exercise of American military power is almost always more morally problematic than any foreign tyranny or even a serious security threat to the homeland.
Sounds a lot like Leonard Peikoff at his Ford Hall Forum lecture this spring. Except Peikoff levied his charge against most of America.

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