Monday, July 21, 2003

The Culture: More NCAA Lies

The Bowl Championship Series appears satisfied with the status quo:
Forget about a college football playoff for now.

The committee overseeing changes to the Bowl Championship Series won't consider using a tournament to determine the national champion despite pleas to open up the postseason to more schools.

The BCS Presidential Oversight Committee on Monday directed the six conference commissioners to come up with proposals for changing the BCS without a playoff.

"I'm skeptical a national champion could be determined in a playoff without infringing on a student athlete's welfare," said Penn State president Graham Spanier, a member of the committee.
Spanier's argument is either ignorant or dishonest. The non-revenue football divisions of the NCAA (there are three) all conduct playoffs without any proven adverse effects on the "student-athletes." This arugment was discredited long ago, yet NCAA apologists continue to use it in the vain hope the non-college-administrator world will spontaneously deny logic.

At the same time, a major-college football playoff is a bad idea under the current system. Such a playoff would only stregnthen the NCAA and its morally corrupt principle of "amateurism." As I've said before, the football schools need to take their programs out of the NCAA entirely and form a new for-profit entity that treats the players like the professionals they are. Anything short of that would be capitulation to the NCAA and its feudal masters.

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