Friday, July 18, 2003

The Culture: Blair Comes to D.C.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair addressed Congress yesterday and accepted the Congressional gold medal for his support of the United States. Blair took time during his address to clean-up some lingering "business" between America and Britain:
Mr. Speaker, my thrill on receiving this award was only a little diminished on being told that the first Congressional Gold Medal was awarded to George Washington for what Congress called ``his wise and spirited conduct in getting rid of the British out of Boston.''

On our way down here, Senator Frist was kind enough to show me the fireplace where in 1814 the British had burned the Congress library. I know this is kind of late, but sorry.

Actually, you know, my middle son was studying 18th century history and the American War of Independence and he said to me the other day, you know Lord North, Dad. He was the British Prime Minister who lost us America. So just think, however many mistakes you make, you will never make one that bad.
In a way, the British did America a favor. To replace the lost congressional library, former President Jefferson donated his substantial personal collection, thereby endowing the modern Library of Congress.

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