Friday, July 25, 2003

Antitrust News: Antitrust Chief Says Clear Channel Probe Ongoing

Peter Kaplan of Reuters reports that DOJ antitrust chief Hewitt Pate told a House Judiciary Committee panel that the DOJ is continuing its probes into the largest radio broadcaster and concert promoter in the United States and has "undertaken significant efforts to find additional evidence."

"The Clear Channel matter is one of importance to us," Pate said at an antitrust oversight hearing. "We have an open investigation and we're going to continue to pursue that."

Pate's comments came in response to complaints by Rep. Howard Berman, a Democrat from California, who said attorneys at the department had failed to follow up on antitrust complaints he referred to them more than a year ago.
Antitrust investigations have a vaguely similar tone to the stories one would hear about how informants would operate in the old Communist block. I wonder how the actual thinking of those who request antitrust investigations goes. "I don't like Jones. He's doing to well for himself and I'm not. . . I think that's an antitrust violation. I'll make a call to the DOJ, that will show 'em."

One has to wonder.

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