Wednesday, May 07, 2003

On the hill

Skip Oliva and I met today with the staff of Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX), the sole sponsor of the H.R. 1247, the liberation of physicians from antitrust bill. There are some issues we disagree with Rep. Paul, but he is 100% right on exempting physicians from antitrust. The gist of our meeting:

• The Center will continue to build a coalition of doctors, concerned citizens, and trade associations in support of H.R. 1247.
• The Center seeks a House hearing on the Federal Trade Commission's enforcement of the antitrust laws against physicians. We want our experts to provide testimony at that hearing detailing our year-long observations of FTC antitrust enforcement against physicians, and we are able to provide compelling witness testimony from individual victims of the FTC investigation and consent decree process.

Now comes the hard part--getting this bill though committee. I'll be setting up meetings with relevant members of the House Judiciary Committee for next week. It would be nice if I had the funds to get our Legislative Action Center running so we could orchestrate an e-mail campaign. Maybe you can help with that.

We have nowhere to go but up on this issue, and I look forward to translating our principles into actual government practice.

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