Friday, May 09, 2003

Does this mean there's an opening on the FTC?

The Wall Street Journal’s Jackie Colmes reports that “Bush allies” are looking at two possible replacements for outgoing budget director Mitch Daniels: White House deputy chief of staff Josh Bolten and Federal Trade Commission Chairman Tim Muris.

I have no opinion of Bolten at this time. But I definitely have an opinion about Muris. Now, I won’t launch a preemptive attack; Colmes says Muris “is said to like his current job,” and that makes sense to me. I don’t see Muris leaving a position where he has virtually unchecked power to impose his will on America’s businessmen for a job where he’d be under constant congressional scrutiny. Unless, of course, Muris is a sadist, which is a possibility given the way he’s treated recent FTC defendants.

Okay, maybe that was a preemptive attack. But, hey, Muris started it.

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