Friday, May 30, 2003

The Culture: Reading between the lines of the Jessica Lynch story

I just don't get it. It is a well know fact that US prisoners of war in Iraq prior to Saddam's fall were not treated with kid gloves. Beatings were standard fare. The tenets of the Geneva convention were all but ignored. Yet joining the reflexively leftist BBC, the AP now reports that Army Pfc. Jessica Lynch captors would have been just fine had her rescuers been unarmed and attempted to rescue her in broad daylight.

You know what--warfare is all about overwhelming force. You bring as much force to bear on a target as you can, to insure that victory is academic. Had Pfc. Lynch's rescuers been unprepared for whatever contingency they might have faced, there would be howling over the needless casualties to save one soldier.

Besides, in all the coverage, I never heard any claim that there was significant resistance to the rescue operation. By my military background, the operation was a textbook POW rescue operation. I say the criticism of the Pfc. Lynch rescuers is just "feet of clay," nothing more an attempt to smear a successful mission for the simple fact that it was successful, and the people back home were inspired by it.


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