Saturday, May 10, 2003

Case Western business school building

This caught my eye about the shooting yesterday at Case Western University:

The distinctive structure of the Frank Gehry-designed Case Western business school building, with hallways that dip and swerve, complicated the job for police.

"As the SWAT team entered the building, they were constantly under fire," Lohn said. "They couldn't return fire because of the design of the building. They didn't have a clear shot."

Lohn said a SWAT team engaged in "firefights" throughout the building with Halder and finally cornered him in a room. Police weren't sure when Halder was shot, but said he was apprehended without incident. [AP]
The School of Management has a website dedicated to showcasing their Frank Gehry design. I always thought that Gehry designs were mush on the outside, but I never realized that this mush also extended to the interior.

My dream is that one day CAC will have its own building, something of an Objectivist community center here in Washington, and I've often thought about how its architectural design would serve to communicate the Center's values of reason, individual rights, productivity and pride. I look at a Frank Gehry and all I can think of is a melting world--Gehry's designs are perhaps the exact opposite of what I would want to create in a building. If it can be said that a building has a soul, Gehry's twisted corridors, lopsided rooms and melting walls would seem to indicate a twisted and tortured soul. And Gehry supposedly represents the state of the art in the application of computer technology to architecture.

It's a leap, but I can't help but wonder if the building the murderer committed his rampage in helped contribute to his psychosis. It may not have, but I would not be the least bit surprised if it somehow did.

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