Wednesday, April 02, 2003

The Wrong Kind of Liberation Story

This from Instapundit: The violent Earth Liberation Front claims its members attacked the US Navy Recruiting Headquarters in Montgomery, Alabama. ELF's website brags about the attack:

Messages spraypainted included the slogans "Stop the War," "Leave Iraq" and "Stop Killing," clearly indicating the reason this ELF cell targeted the military facility. It was also reported that all cars and vans targeted carried the ELF signature in spraypaint.

This is the first specifically anti-war action carried out by the ELF in North America, though there has been at least one direct action attack on a military recruiting center since the start of the war in Iraq (Edison, NJ - March 18th - claimed by the Direct Action Front).

If true, I hope the direct law enforcement action is swift, the trial of the perpetrators just, and their punishment severe.

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