Tuesday, April 29, 2003

U.S. Forces Return Fire at Iraq Protest

Hot from the AP: FALLUJAH, Iraq - U.S. soldiers opened fire on Iraqis at a nighttime demonstration against the American presence here after people shot at them with automatic rifles, soldiers said Tuesday. The director of the local hospital said 13 people were killed and 75 wounded.

Just imagine if the Germans, after the Nazi surrender in WWII, took to the streets to protest the American presence. With guns.

This is why we can’t have "democracy" in Iraq. The principle of individual rights will have to be imposed by the US, whether the Iraqi people like it or not.

In his recent Ford Hall Forum lecture, America vs. Americans, philosopher Leonard Piekoff argued that the US should not be sqeamish when fighting a war with a mortal foe--the life of Americans must come before the life of the enemy--even enemy civilians. At first, I blanched at Piekoff's argument, which seemed to fall into the trap of fighting the last war. I was impressed with the fact that the US did not have to kill a whole lot of people in order to defeat Saddam. In four weeks of fighting, our solders were able to take control of a whole nation, with minimal loss of life. But now I'm staring to wonder if there is truth the the argument that the US did not kill enough of our enemy during the war. There are just too many instances where our enemies are not behaving like vanquished foes.

I love and respect those Iraqis that greeted our troops with open arms. But those that haven't, well, I don't have much time for them. And I certainly do not want to see the lives of our fighting men and women sacrificed to bring democracy to the liberty hating people of Iraq.

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