Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Restoring Olympic glory

Last week I mentioned the International Olympic Committee's inaction in the face of torture accusations made against Iraqi Olympic Committee president Uday Hussein, son of the dictator himself. Today, the United States once again acted in the face of international trepidation:

The Iraqi National Olympic Committee headquarters was bombed and largely destroyed Tuesday by U.S. war planes, prompting mixed reaction from former Iraqi athletes who said they have been tortured by Olympic committee chief Uday Hussein.

"That's great news, lovely news," said Sharar Haydar, a former national team soccer player.

Haydar claims to be one of many athletes who was imprisoned in a first-floor prison, and punished by Uday, son of Saddam Hussein.

The overnight bombing of selected targets inflicted serious damage on the bottom four floors of the nine-story building in east Baghdad, according to the Associated Press. Walls were blown out, and mangled wire and steel protruded. The building sits in a big complex of housing units, and they appeared unscathed.

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