Saturday, April 19, 2003

A matter of inches

Georgia’s efforts to create a new, Confederacy-free flag hit a snag:

Legislation that would clear the way for the new flag is up for a vote Tuesday. The bill does not list specific measurements for the flag, but it does define proportions for three stripes and a blue square that encompasses the state seal and 13 stars.

A historian says those proportions would throw the state flag out of proportion with the standard American flag by making Georgia's a foot longer.

Supporters are afraid to change the legislation because then it would have to return to the Georgia House with just two days left in the legislative session.

It amazes me this is still an issue. No state should be permitted to have the Confederate emblem in their flag, for the simple reason that the Confederacy was a rebellion against the United States government. That the rebellion was, in large measure, motivated by a desire to preserve slavery makes the moral issue that much clearer. Congress, in my judgment, possesses the authority to require the removal of the Confederate symbol from a state flag, pursuant to the federal power to suppress insurrections against the national government.

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