Sunday, April 13, 2003

Martha Burk gets flamed in the Washington Post

The Washington Post has an hysterical article describing radical feminist Martha Burk's fizzled protest of Augusta National Golf Club yesterday. The article describes how Burk's small cadre suffered such indignities as having more press than protestors, being mocked by the "People Against Ridiculous Protests," who planted a sign and walked away, saying it would be "ridiculous" to stay, and being serenaded by an Elvis impersonator, who attempted to woo some of Burk's protestors. And when confronted with the failure of her protest, the article reports that Burk went into total Iraqi Information Minister mode, tossing out a conspiracy theory accusing the Heritage Foundation of buying up seats on her protest buses to reduce the turnout.

What a failure. Maybe if we're lucky, Syria will grant Burk asylum.

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