Thursday, April 17, 2003

Link. Saudi Defense Minister has filed a motion in the Saudi-9/11 case. (found via Instapundit.)

The old joke, that the Department of Defense exists to defend US interests and the Department of State to sacrifice closely. Treasury and Justice are unhappy at the lack of Saudi cooperation. The best that can be said about State is that they're not moving to dismiss the lawsuit.

Moving down the list, er, Chart. Now, Mr. Khamenei, about that peaceful nuclear program you have, I have a feeling that Allah doesn't really want you to have that. In fact, I'm pretty confident that that nuclear program is going to be gone within a year. I'm pretty sure that Allah wills that. In fact, if the program doesn't go away, fire and destruction will rain from the skies upon it, destroying utterly that which offends and leaving that which is pure untouched. Just a thought.

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