Monday, April 21, 2003

The Last Word on Augusta?

This from Instapundit who quotes Mark Steyn:

In the last nine months, the New York Times has run 95 stories on Martha Burk and Augusta. So, aside from being outnumbered by police and reporters, Burk's 40 supporters were outnumbered more than two to one by New York Times stories on Burk. Every time the Times mentioned this allegedly raging furor, it attracted approximately another 0.4 of a supporter to her cause. . . .

The Times' carpet bombing of Augusta has proved a pathetic bunker-bust. This is supposed to be the most influential newspaper in America, the one whose front page all but dictates the agenda of the network news shows. And its most fiercely sustained campaign can't fill a single school bus?
Hehehe. Maybe we could turn this into a new show on Fox: "When Leftist Causes Implode."

UPDATE: Alright, I'm having more fun with this than I should. But can you just imagine that guy with the obvious cop hair helmet going, "Martha Burk and her friends at the New York Times thought they had national attention for Martha's little intimidation game, but at Augusta, they play golf, not social engineer."

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