Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Frist Says Santorum's Post Not in Peril

Bad news: according to the AP, "Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist said Tuesday that Sen. Rick Santorum's leadership post is not in jeopardy, providing the Pennsylvania Republican with an important vote of confidence three weeks after his remarks about homosexuals."

"People who work with Rick day in, day out understand he's a man of caring, compassion and tolerance," Frist said. "Strongly religious, a man of great faith, an effective and strong leader. In terms of questioning his leadership ability or position, it's a non-issue."
Has anyone in the Republican Party actually read Santorum's remarks? Santorum attacked the freedom of all consenting adults to control their capacity for sex unless it fits within his view of the family. This is an appalling view.

Imagine if I was the third ranking Republican in the US Senate, and I said that I thought the state had no interest whatsoever in regulating the sexual activities between consenting adults. Then imagine if I said that the courts, under the Ninth Amendment, ought to protect the individual's right to his life and his privacy, as long as he does not initiate force upon another.

I wonder if Bill Frist would support my leadership position, and my 'strong rationality.' Somehow, I doubt it.

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