Thursday, April 10, 2003

Arab Reaction

The Washington Post has an article on Arab reaction to the liberation of Iraq. Consider this reaction from Diaa Rashwan, a political scientist at Cairo's Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies:

"The Arab street is very frustrated, and to America, I repeat, I repeat, I repeat, the real war hasn't started yet. We have to be careful with such euphoria. It will only increase the feelings of anger in the Arab world. No Arabs want to welcome an occupying power."
Then there is this:
"I hate it," said Ahmed Samir, the manager of a trading company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, as he watched scenes of Iraqis shaking the hands of American soldiers in Baghdad. "It can only mean they hate Saddam more than they hate the Americans."
Yes, Messrs. Rashwan and Samir, perish the thought that the Iraqis are glad that Saddam is gone, and thankful that the US removed him.

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