Thursday, March 27, 2003

The Red Ball Express

A lot of hay has been made in the news about stretched US logistic lines. There shouldn't be. In WWII, the famous Red Ball Express kept the fast moving armored columns supplied. The Red Ball route ran from the supply depots near Normandy to just south of Paris, about a 600 mile round trip. Drivers of the Red Ball worked round the clock and had to face mines, air attack, and infantry ambushes.

Today's battle in Iraq will call on the same courage. Today's Red Ball drivers won't have to worry about attacks from the air, but they will have to worry about mines and ambushes. That's warfare. They know it, and we should know it too.

There's wisdom in moving fast to Baghdad. When Saddam is deposed, the Iraqi war machine will crumble. Dictatorships are inherently unstable and don't do well without their dictator. Kill Saddam, and the US will win in Iraq.

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