Wednesday, March 26, 2003

The liberation of Augusta continues...

Martha Burk's break with reality is now complete with her pronouncement today that holding the Masters constitues "an insult to the nearly quarter million women in the U.S. armed forces."

This statement is irrational on its face, and hardly deserving of a serious reply. But there was one interesting statement to come from Burk's New York press conference today, and it was this: "It's appalling that the women who are willing to lay down their lives for democratic ideals should be shut out of this club. ... Democratic ideals do not include discrimination.''

Burk actually raises an interesting point. Augusta's membership policies aren't "democratic" for sure; but then again, the purpose of America is not to promote "democratic" values to the exclusion of all else. After all, if a society is organized around the principle of individual rights, it shouldn't matter whether one private golf club chooses to exclude women. We simply respect Augusta's right to govern their own membership, and proceed to carry on with our own lives. But Burk is long past the point where she can simply let this go. Thankfully, a few more statements like the one she made today, and even her allies in the media will finally abandon the "liberation of Augusta" crusade.

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